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The Complete Guide to Using Magic Morph in Canva

Welcome to this guide on how to use Magic Morph, one of the amazing new AI tools in Canva! I will explain step-by-step how this tool works and provide many examples so you can start creating your own AI-generated designs.

What is Magic Morph?

Magic Morph is an AI image generation tool in Canva. It allows you to apply special effects and styles to any image or text by entering prompt text.

For example, you can type “watercolor painting of a cat” and Magic Morph will generate a watercolor style cat image. The AI tries to match the prompt text.

How Does Magic Morph Work?

Magic Morph uses a deep learning AI technique called generative adversarial networks (GANs). The AI has been trained on millions of images to understand different visual concepts.

When you enter a text prompt, the AI generates a new image matching the description. The results are always unique and original!

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Magic Morph

Follow these simple steps to start using Magic Morph:

  1. Open Canva and start a new design. Add any basic shape, text, image etc.
  2. In the left-side bar click on “App” then search for “Magic Morph” and click on it.
  3. Select your element and in the text box, type your descriptive prompt text (for example, “underwater scene with coral reef“).
  4. Click “Generate image“. Magic Morph will process for a few seconds and apply the effect to your element!
  5. Tweak the prompt and regenerate until you get the desired result. Getting the prompt right takes some trial and error.
  6. Export and use your AI generated designs!

Prompt Engineering Tips

Prompt engineering is key to getting great results with AI image generation. Follow these tips:

  • Use clear, concise descriptive phrases so the AI understands the style and content you want
  • List multiple descriptors from general to specific (e.g. “A tall glass vase with pink roses and white lilies“)
  • Use vivid adjectives and nouns to set the mood and details
  • Experiment with prompt structure, length, punctuation etc. to refine the output
  • Draw inspiration from relevant words – don’t overthink it! The AI will interpret creatively.

Magic Morph vs Other AI Tools

How does Magic Morph compare to other AI image generation tools?

Pros: Easy to use, integrated into Canva, fast generation, decent results, versatile.

Cons: Limited control, smaller model thanleading AI (DALL-E 2, Midjourney), can’t curate dataset.

For most Canva users, Magic Morph is very capable, but more advanced users may want an external tool.

Using Magic Morph for Your Brand

Magic Morph is great for easily creating on-brand graphics and designs for your business.

Describe your brand style in the prompt – colors, mood, logos etc. This keeps outputs consistent.

For example, “A minimalist ocean scene with calm blues and greens and our logo in the corner

Ideas and Examples

Here are some more prompt ideas to spark your creativity with Magic Morph:

  • “A tropical drink garnished with fruit in a coconut cup” – vivid food graphics
  • “An astronaut floating in space near a nebula” – sci-fi scene
  • “A cute puppy wearing glasses and a tie” – quirky animal portraits
  • “A phone app UI with neon lights” – tech/mobile designs
  • “A luxury gold watch with diamonds on a marble background” – product shots

The possibilities are endless! Feel free to generate your own ideas.


I hope this beginner’s guide has helped you understand how to use Magic Morph for AI image generation in Canva. The key is learning how to craft good prompts.

Experiment with different prompt phrasings and let your creativity run wild! Magic Morph makes it easy to create stunning on-brand graphics, illustrations, and more.

video source

You can check this YouTube source for more information


What is Canva Magic Morph?

  • Canva Magic Morph is an AI-powered design tool within Canva’s Magic Studio. It allows users to apply special effects to images or text by inputting specific text prompts. The tool enhances design creativity by generating unique and visually appealing compositions.

How do I access Canva Magic Morph?

  • To use Canva Magic Morph, simply open Canva and navigate to the Magic Studio. Locate the Magic Morph tool and input your desired text prompt to start creating custom images with special effects.

Can I use Canva Magic Morph on any type of graphic or text in Canva?

  • Yes, Canva Magic Morph can be applied to any basic Canva shape, text, or simple graphic. The versatility of the tool allows users to explore creative possibilities across various design elements.

Can I apply Canva Magic Morph effects to my brand photos and graphics?

  • Yes, Canva Magic Morph can be used to enhance your brand photos, graphics, and icons. The tool allows you to add hues, patterns, and other details, providing a creative touch to your visual elements.
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Last modified: January 12, 2024

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