Gracie Bon: Big BUTT Flyers Need more Comfortable Seating

Gracie Bon, an Instagram model known for her curvaceous figure, is calling for airlines to provide more comfortable seating options for passengers with larger body types.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Bon explained the difficulties she faces flying in standard economy class seats due to her ample backside.

The Struggle is Real: Flying With a Big Butt

Bon stated that she finds riding in cars and trains comfortable, but struggles to fit into regular airline seats. She typically needs to purchase two economy seats just to fly without being cramped. Even then, as seen in below image, the makeshift bench created by using two seats does not properly support her large rear.

Flying With a Big Butt

“I haven’t seen any airlines offering options to bigger people,” said Bon regarding the lack of accommodations for plus-sized flyers.

Without suitable seating, Bon is left contorted and uncomfortable for hours during flights. She argues that airlines should offer at least a couple of extra-large seats on each plane for passengers that need more space.

Calling For Change: Petitioning Airlines For Inclusive Seating

Bon wants to lead the charge for more accessibility and comfort for big booty travelers. She aims to petition major airlines to provide seating options suitable for different body types.

“Airlines should accommodate every passenger they can to give people of all body types the same experience,” Bon asserted.

Though some assume Bon chose to have a larger butt through implants, she refuted those rumors. Bon insists her curvy bottom is 100% natural. She explained that she used to weigh around 300 pounds but lost weight through surgeries on her belly and arms. Her thighs and backside remained full and round.

Owning Her Body: A Message of Body Positivity

While Bon faces seating struggles due to her naturally voluptuous shape, she sends a message of body positivity and self-acceptance. She does not hate on women who get surgery but believes airlines should accommodate all body types.

Bon shows that you can be proud of your body, whether surgically enhanced or completely natural. She wants to make flying more comfortable for women with curvier figures.

“I’m here to make a difference!” Bon declared regarding her mission to revolutionize airline seating.

Through speaking out and petitioning for change, Bon aims to inspire body confidence in women and push for more inclusivity in the travel industry.

In summary, Gracie Bon is an Instagram model on a mission to revolutionize airline seating for curvy figures like herself. Through advocacy and body positivity, she hopes to make flying more comfortable for women with ample assets. Bon’s confident ownership of her natural shape inspires self-acceptance in women of all sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sparked Gracie Bon’s call for better airline seating?

Bon’s plea for more comfortable airline seating comes from her personal struggles fitting into cramped economy class seats due to her naturally large butt and thighs. She wants airlines to provide options for passengers with curvier body types.

What accommodations has Bon suggested?

Bon has proposed that airlines offer at least a couple of extra-large seats on each flight to better accommodate plus-sized travelers. She believes this would help give all body types a comfortable flying experience.

How does Bon respond to assumptions she has butt implants?

Bon shuts down assumptions that her big butt is surgically enhanced, explaining it is 100% natural. She lost weight in other areas through surgery but her bottom shape remained intact.

What is Bon’s mission in speaking out?

Beyond comfortable flying, Bon wants to promote body positivity and inclusivity. She aims to inspire self-love and show that all body types deserve respect and accommodation.

How can readers support Bon’s cause?

Readers can support Bon by sharing her story, signing her petitions, and contacting airlines to request more inclusive seating options for diverse bodies. Positive feedback also helps reinforce her message.

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Last modified: February 27, 2024

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