How to Convert a Canvas Quiz to a Word/PDF

Converting your quizzes from the Canvas online learning platform into editable Microsoft Word documents or PDF can be extremely helpful for studying.

we will explain two easy methods to convert Canvas quizzes to Word, allowing you to access, edit, format, print out, and save copies of your quizzes.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a popular Learning Management System (LMS) used by schools, colleges, and universities worldwide for online learning.

It allows teachers and professors to create virtual classrooms, upload course materials, assign homework and readings, facilitate discussions, and best of all – create online quizzes.

As a student, you access your classes on the Canvas website or mobile app by logging in with your institution credentials.

Canvas provides an easy quiz-taking experience directly in your web browser. However, you may find it valuable to have copies of your quizzes readily available in Word document format on your own computer for more control and accessibility.

Why Save Canvas Quizzes as Word Documents?

Here are some of the major benefits of converting your Canvas quizzes into Microsoft Word format:

1. Edit, Add, Remove Quiz Contents

With the Canvas quiz imported into Word, you have complete editing abilities over the quiz contents. Easily add, remove, or modify quiz questions and answers directly within the familiar Word interface.

Tailor quizzes to your specific study needs by emphasizing important points in bold text, highlighting critical terms, or removing unnecessary questions.

2. Format and Organize Quiz Structure

Apply formatting and styling inside Word to structure your quizzes effectively. Some formatting ideas:

Add a descriptive title, divide sections with page breaks or headings, number quiz questions for referencing, emphasize key terminology or concepts in italic or bold styles.

3. Print Quizzes for Handwritten Studying

Print out your Canvas quizzes in Word so you can write, highlight, and manually engage with your study materials offline. The act of handwriting information sticks better in your long-term memory compared to just reading.

4. Save an Offline Backup Copy

Since Canvas quizzes require an internet connection to access, having a downloaded copy in Word format lets you study without reliance on Wi-Fi. Save Canvas quiz Word documents to your computer, flash drive, phone, tablet, or backup drive.

Method 1: Download as Word Document (.docx)

The fastest way to transfer your quiz into Word is to use Canvas’s built-in download options:

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Login to your Canvas learning portal and navigate to the desired course
  2. Select ‘Quizzes’ .
  3. Select ‘Download’ then ‘Word Document’ and click the Download button
  4. A copy of the quiz will automatically download on your device as a .docx Word file
  5. Double click the downloaded .docx file to open it in Word!

Now you will have the full quiz in an editable Word document on your local device. From here you can freely manipulate the document like any other Word file – add formatting, edit questions, save changes, print out, etc.

Method 2: Take Screenshots and Convert Image to Text

If Canvas download functionality is disabled, you can alternatively take screenshots of quiz questions then utilize an image-to-text converter tool to extract the typed text out into a document file.

This optical character recognition (OCR) approach has a few more steps but is handy when downloads aren’t available.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Open your quiz inside your Canvas course page
  2. Use your computer’s screenshot hotkey or Chrome extension to capture images of quiz question page
  3. Save all the screenshot image files somewhere on your local hard drive
  4. Go to the site and upload your screenshot image
  5. Use the crop box to select the area of the image containing just the typed out quiz text
  6. The site will process and extract just the text, eliminating any pictures
  7. Copy or download the output text
  8. Paste the raw text into a blank Word document
  9. Manually format the text with styles and structure as needed
  10. Save your quiz in .dox or PDF file

The OCR conversion isn’t perfect but accurately extracts majority text which you can tidy up as necessary inside Word before saving or printing out your converted Canvas quiz.


I hope this step-by-step guide gives you clarity on efficiently exporting your Canvas quizzes into the convenient Word format using either the direct Canvas download tool or screenshot optical character recognition method.

Converting your quizzes makes preparing and studying more flexible – you can freely edit, organize, print, backup, and access your quiz content without an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to Canvas?

Go to your specific school’s Canvas webpage. Login with the student credentials provided, usually your institutional email and password.

Can I edit the quiz questions and answers in Word?

Absolutely! Once downloaded/converted into Word format you have full editing abilities – add, remove, modify quiz contents.

Does Canvas have mobile apps?

Yes, free Canvas Student apps for both iOS and Android. Convert quizzes on desktop then access the Word docs on your mobile devices.

What if Canvas quiz downloading is disabled?

Use Method 2 to screenshot quiz pages then extract text with an OCR site. More steps but allows quiz conversion without downloads.

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Last modified: February 5, 2024

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