Best Free 80’s Font Styles in Canva

The 1980s were a remarkable decade known for bold colors, oversized hair, neon lights, and distinct typography. The era spawned unique font styles full of retro flair and nostalgic appeal.

Even today, 80’s fonts remain popular choices for designing graphics, social media posts, marketing materials, t-shirts, and more.

If you’re looking to add some tubular typography to your next design project, Canva has an amazing selection of free 80’s fonts to choose from.

Keep reading to learn how to find the best options in Canva’s font library and make the most of these rad retro fonts. Like, totally gnarly dude!

The Appeal of 80’s Font Styles

What makes 80’s fonts so instantly recognizable and appealing? They perfectly encapsulate the fun, bubbly, techy, and artistic vibe of the decade.

Pixel fonts mimic the low resolution displays of early computers and video games with their chunky, digital look.

Neon fonts take inspiration from the glow of vibrant neon lights. The exaggerated curves and points of retro fonts are totally rad.

These playful design elements add plenty of personality and nostalgia to any project. It’s easy to see why designers continually turn to the 1980s for typography inspiration, even decades later.

Why Use Free Fonts?

Canva offers an expansive library of high-quality fonts you can use completely free of charge. This makes it easy to find the perfect styles for your projects without worrying about licensing issues or costs.

Free fonts allow you to experiment and find the right match for your specific design needs. You can mix and match different options without breaking the bank.

Many free fonts are created by independent designers and foundries focused on offering value and flexibility for creatives. The best free fonts rival paid alternatives in style and quality.

Avoiding Copyright Issues

When using free fonts, it’s important to follow any usage guidelines set by the creator. Some fonts are completely free for personal and commercial use. Others may have certain restrictions, so always check the license terms first.

Following best practices helps you avoid copyright disputes when using free fonts from Canva or other sources. Respect the work designers have put into creating the fonts and use them legally.

Finding the Best 80’s Fonts on Canva

With thousands of font choices available, how do you track down the perfect 80’s styles on Canva? Here are some tips for finding the primo pixel, neon, and retro font picks.

Browsing Canva’s Library of Fonts

Your first step is simply browsing through Canva’s massive font library looking for any styles that catch your eye. The “All Fonts” section makes it easy to scroll through everything available.

Keep an eye out for fonts with names that reference the 80s directly like “Neon Dreams” or “Pixel Show.” Preview different options to see the fonts in action.

Searching for Specific Styles

If you have a specific 80’s font style in mind, use Canva’s search bar. For example, typing “pixel” will showcase Canva’s pixelated and digital-inspired fonts.

You can also search for:

Pixel Fonts

Like “pixellet TH” or “Arcade Game

Neon Fonts

Such as “NeonNeon” or “Harlow

Retro Fonts

Including “Bright Retro” and “Candice

This makes it easy to filter the selection down to the exact 80’s aesthetic you want.

Downloading and Using Fonts in Canva

Once you’ve identified the perfect font for your design, downloading it from Canva is simple. Just click the download icon next to the font name when viewing it.

The font will be added to your personal font library. You can then access it from the “Your Uploads” section whenever designing something new in Canva.

Now you’re ready to make awesome 80’s inspired designs. Cowabunga!

Our Top 10 Favorite Free 80’s Fonts

Ready to soak up some tubular typography? Here are 10 of the best free 80’s fonts. These awesome options will bring some seriously fresh vibes to your next project.

Atari Classic

This lo-res video game font looks like it was pulled straight from an Atari 2600 console. The chunky pixelated letters powered up many 80’s living rooms.

Titan One

A bold, high-impact font with an angular, techy appearance. It’s great for headings and logos.

Russo One

This funky, retro-futuristic font has a robotic look with its sharp sans serif style. The default setting slants the letters for added dynamism.


The VT323 font authentically mimics early computer terminals. The dotted matrix letters deliver serious nostalgia.


Audiowide features ultra-wide, rounded letterforms reminiscent of the exaggerated typography used in the 80’s.

Press Start 2P

This pixel font straight out of a classic video game works well for squashing in more compact spaces.

PixelFJ Verdana 8px

A pixelated interpretation of the classic Verdana font shrunk down to 8px size. It provides that edgy low-res look.

Neon Tubes

A glowing, futuristic font that uses neon-style tubes to form each letter. It’s charged with electric 80’s energy.

Post No Bills Colombo

Inspired by stencil street art, this gritty, urban font adds plenty of attitude.


The wavy, uneven baseline gives this font a dreamy, cosmic vibe perfect for the 80’s aesthetic.

How to Use 80’s Fonts for Maximum Impact

Now for some tubular tips on how to showcase your bodacious new 80’s fonts:

1. Using Fonts in Graphics and Images

Add text overlays of 80’s fonts to photos for eye-catching social media posts and banner images. The contrast pops.

2. Combining Fonts for Retro Appeal

Mix multiple fonts like a pixel style with a retro script to capture different facets of 80’s flair.

3. Adding Filters and Effects

Apply filters or text effects like neon glows, chromatic aberration, and pixelation. This amps up the retro-futuristic mood.


Key Takeaways

  • Canva provides an amazing selection of high-quality free 80’s fonts to use in your designs
  • Search for pixel, neon, or retro styles to easily find the perfect options
  • Download fonts directly into your Canva account for simple access later
  • Use 80’s fonts creatively in graphics, images, logos, and other projects
  • Combine fonts and add filters or text effects for maximum 80’s impact

Final Thoughts

With a totally awesome lineup of free fonts, Canva makes channeling the 80’s easy for any creative project. Now you can add some bodacious retro flair with just a few clicks. So go forth and embrace the most excellent typography of the tubular decade! Just stay excellent to each other, dudes.


Do I need a paid Canva account to use 80’s fonts?

Nope! All the fonts mentioned here are available to use for free, even without a Canva Pro account. The basic free version of Canva provides access to thousands of great fonts, including plenty of awesome 80’s styles.

What file formats can I download fonts in from Canva?

Canva allows you to download fonts in .TTF (TrueType Font) format, which is compatible with most design applications and operating systems. This flexible format means you can upload the fonts elsewhere after downloading from Canva.

Can I use 80’s fonts in commercial projects?

Most of the free fonts in Canva’s library are commercially licensed, meaning you can use them for commercial purposes like t-shirts, logos, ads, etc. Always double check the individual font’s license terms for any restrictions first. Using them properly avoids copyright issues.

How do I add effects like neon glows to 80’s fonts in Canva?

Open the Text tab, select your desired 80’s font, type your text, then click “Effects” to browse options like neon, chromatic aberration, and more. Click apply to add the effect overlay to your font.

What are some ways to make my 80’s font designs look more authentic?

Use multiple 80’s fonts together, combine with fun elements like grids or abstract shapes, add filters for grainy/glitchy effects, feature bright contrasting colors, layer images or textures, and incorporate retro graphics like pixel art.

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Last modified: January 18, 2024

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